Feb 292012

The laughter begins today at the 2nd annual Hong Kong International Improv Festival, a celebration of comedy featuring troupes from Beijing, Manila, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Join the laughter at TakeOut Comedy Club from 1 – 4 March. Refer to the schedule for varying performance times.

If you love The Chicago Mix® and you love to laugh, then visit our Shop at IFC Mall while you’re out. The unexpected pairing of CaramelCrisp™ and CheeseCorn™ makes a good primer for a night of improvised comedy.

2nd Hong Kong International Improv Festival
1 – 4 March 2012
TakeOut Comedy Club
34 Elgin Street

Garrett Popcorn Shops® – IFC Mall
IFC Mall Shop 1050
Podium Level 1
8 Finance Street

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