Nov 112011

Let us count the ways!

Because 1 is the loneliest number, we came up with 10 more reasons for you to share The Chicago Mix on November 11, 2011. Join in the 11-11-11 fun!

  1. Cheesy high-fives are no fun alone
  2. Because you might know a guy…
  3. Gets the party started
  4. Best way to prove it’s as good as you say
  5. Only six weeks til Christmas! Santa’s watching!
  6. Sharing is caring
  7. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel skips through City Hall when you do*
  8. Expose people to the right way to snack
  9. Because mom would expect it from you
  10. Earn your “popcorn ambassador” nickname
  11. You never know when you might want someone to share theirs with you!

*Unverified, but possibly true

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