Groundhog’s Day

Groundhog's Day

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  1. I have e-mailed you guys in the past; it would SEEM that if a customer could ship without a required tin you might do MUCH more business?!?! For example: your carmel crisp for a large bag in the store is $8.65 & to ship a 1) gal. tin is $29.00 + shipping (sometimes). Your 2) gal. tin is $59.00! vs. $17.30 for 2) large bags in the store. Assuming the large bag = 1 gallon as I have been told, what a difference in price!
    I love your popcorn (esp. the carmel crisp) but I cannot justify paying $60.00 to get a tin I don’t want when the same amount of product is ONLY 1/3 of that in the store in a bag.
    With all the shipping materials that are available today, I would think you could ship the corn WITHOUT tins & still ship it safely.
    Just some thoughts, thanks for your time.

    • Terry, thank you for the thoughtful feedback. Tins help keep the popcorn fresh during shipment — Garrett Popcorn does not use any preservatives in the recipe that fans have known and loved for generations. Tins also better preserve the quality of the popcorn so that it does not break into pieces or get crushed during shipment. We have looked at alternatives and continue to research how to send our popcorn so that it does not compromise our standards for quality and taste. Thank you again!

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