Aug 202010

At Garrett, we always love hearing from our devoted fans about how much they are enjoying or craving our gourmet popcorn . Our loyal fans are always passing along praise and feedback. We field calls, emails, and letters but one of the most interesting places to see our name popping up is Twitter.

With that said, below we’ve listed our top 10 Favorite Tweets:

@Islavu mmmm I LOVE Garrett’s Popcorn–Chicago mix.  It makes my tastebuds swoon.

@AMK529 @garrettpopcorn  why must you smell so good!!!!

@mochamomma Eating entire bag of Garrett’s Popcorn while I wait for connecting flight at ORD. May as well tell you since orange fingers would give me up.

@chavis_t: @reenlocus I know the ladies will enjoy their @garrettpopcorn!!!  I have already performed a taste test.  It’s APPROVED  :-)

@jeffedsell Just walked past Garrett‘s Popcorn in the loop. Smells so good, I think I lost consciousness for a second there.

@thehappyhours: We gave Garrett’s popcorn out as one of our wedding favors, so it’s only fair I eat some tonight on our anniversary eve

@ermlabrat Why am I popping stale, old, microwave popcorn when I have @GarrettPopcorn sitting on the counter??

@kathrynCoccia I probably should cancel my plans of ever moving to chicago because I would probably never eat anything but @garrettpopcorn

@lagwriter Every time I come to @garrettpopcorn I look at the menu like I’m ordering something else. Stop it. #chicagomix

@jaymonet7 the only food place that sends my taste buds into a state of cheesy euphoria everytime  @garrettpopcorn!

Thank you, loyal followers! Keep the popcorn praise coming. We eat it up! Feel free to join the crowd; follow us on Twitter.

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