Sep 212011

2 Gallon Pink Tin

During the month of October, Garrett Popcorn Shops will join the fight against breast cancer by donating 10 percent of Garrett signature pink tin sales to Chicago-based A Silver Lining Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides access to cost-free mammograms.

A Silver Lining Foundation works to ensure that socioeconomic status does not affect an individual’s ability to obtain information, a timely cancer screening and diagnosis. The mission is to ensure dignified, respectful and equal access to quality cancer education and services for all, by creating meaningful partnerships with community, advocacy and healthcare organizations. For more information visit A Silver Lining Foundation’s web site or like them Facebook page.

The Garrett signature-striped pink tin is available for purchase in stores and online, filled with your choice of traditional Garrett popcorn flavors like CaramelCrisp® (which can be selected with almonds, pecans or cashews), CheeseCorn™, Buttery, Plain and the famous The Chicago Mix – a blend of savory CheeseCorn™ and rich, sweet CaramelCrisp®.

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