Jul 102010

The passing of the Taste of Chicago can be a bitter-sweet time for us Chicagoans.  After all the fantastic food, drink, and music has been consumed and enjoyed, we are reminded of how fleeting our summer months can be, but more importantly, that it will be yet another year before we are able to chill our taste buds with the flash-frozen Garrett “Popcornsicle”.

Our refreshingly frozen popcorn treats were a huge hit at this year’s Taste of Chicago, and over 11,000 Popcornsicles were sold from our Garrett Popcorn Booth!  If you were one of the lucky customers to have visited Booth #53 at Grant Park, then there is no explanation needed, but of course you were probably thinking how in the world did these guys come up with this? Allow me to explain….

A concept created exclusively for Garrett Popcorn Shops by Top Chef Finalist, Richard Blais back in 2007, the Popcornsicle is a unique treat that puts a frosty spin on our gourmet popcorn tradition.  While the Popcornsicle was a surprising treat for many unsuspecting Taste of Chicago visitors, it has not gone unnoticed since its debut into the world of popcorn delicacies as it has been featured in a range of media from the Chicago Tribune as one of Phil Vettel’s “Phil’s Fave” items, to the Today Show.

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