Aug 102011

Born to Suffer Want to see a movie in the park tonight? Nacidas Para Sufrir (Born to Suffer) is playing at Harrison Park (1824 South Wood) and Garrett Popcorn will be there to give away Chicago Mix to movie-goers. The weather forecast is in the mid-70’s — a great evening to be outdoors!

This 2009 Spanish film shares the tale of a group of women (a sweet old lady, her religious niece, her servant and the latter’s disabled mother), all so generous and selfless that they almost compete with one another as ferocious rivals to see who can help most and make the greatest sacrifice for the others’ well-being. And we all know the well-known saying: ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’.

The movie is free to the public, courtesy of the Latino Cultural Center. The movie starts playing shortly after sunset.

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