Jul 112012

The Eternal Tin Relay is an honored tradition of the Garrett Games. Commemorating the first spark that lit the Copper Kettle in 1949, the Eternal Tin remains filled throughout the Games to symbolize the perpetual bonding of spirited flavors.

Fans look forward to the Eternal Tin Relay for the excitement and aroma it brings to their hometowns. It’s not uncommon to see cheesy tumblers and caramel enthusiasts parade along the Eternal Tin route. For weeks leading up to the Games, spectators gather to celebrate and watch the relay side-by-side.

On July 12, the Relay begins with a US tour through Chicago and New York. The Eternal Tin will depart from 4 E Madison, the site closest to the original Garrett Popcorn Shops® in Chicago. Manager of 4 E Madison said, “We love being in the heart of downtown Chicago, especially so close to the first Garrett Popcorn Shop. We welcome everyone to swing by and taste The Chicago Mix, the essence of the Eternal Tin!”

Stay tuned for more updates on the Eternal Tin Relay.

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