Jan 132012

Critics and peers can make movie recommendations, but Popcorn Picks is your guide to snacking with the proper popcorn protocol. Based on Crunch Factor and Crowd Control ratings, our weekly guide offers you the finest advice for watching movies with gourmet popcorn.

The awards show is on Sunday, January 15. Popcorn Picks made our “Best Indulgence” predictions and wants to know, what is your go-to flavor for the movies? To enter the random drawing for a 1-gallon tin, post a comment with your reply on this blog post. For a second entry, send a Tweet to @GarrettPopcorn with the hashtag #PopcornPicks in the message.

One winner will be chosen by a random number generator on 01/16/2012 12 pm CST and announced on 01/18/2012. No purchase necessary to win. See official rules here.

This sweepstakes is sponsored by Garrett Popcorn Shops®, 401 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1700, Chicago, Illinois, 60611.

  357 Responses to “Enter for a chance to win your Popcorn Pick!”

  1. my favorite is the Chicago mix..I get it every time I visit Chicago

    • Cheese and pecan caramel mix, delicious

      • I want to try this, I have never had the pecan caramel mix. I also can’t wait to go to Michigan Ave. and try the spicy cheese. Oooooo, i am so excited I can’t wait till Monday and it may be packed with all this added talk about popcorn!!! U can just see the lines down the street.

        • The spicy cheese is fabulous!

          I also love pecan caramel crisp so much I buy it by the tin.

          • I can not wait to try the spicy chesse, I have been dreaming about it all weekend and the anticipation is driving me crazy with excitement!!! Love Garretts piping hot popcorn freshly made and finger licking good. Problem is adults aren’t supposed to lick their finger. Time to be a kid!

      • The silver one is a classic as is any Garrett’s that you’d put in there.

    • I love Cheese only with a few kernels of carmel corn.

      • I am a big fan of the cheesecorn but I love when the spicy is available it is my favorite as well.

      • This is my fav too! I used to be a cheese only fan, but when I accidentally got some caramel in my bag I fell in love.

    • I love everything about Garrett’s and I love plain cheese popcorn. Another thing is the pecan carmel mix.

    • Chicago skyline is amazing

      We have to have it when in Chicago.
      We have to bring some back to Cleveland from Chicago.
      We order it on line in between trips to Chicago.
      Yes, we are Garrett’s Chicago Mix’s Ultimate Fans.

    • Celebration Can to win!! I will take Chicago mix in ANY can or bag!! My sister and I stuffed our empty suitcases full of popcorn to take home after visiting the Oprah show! Now addicted, we order online for any old reason……

    • In Chicago this past weekend for Valentines and my birthday! How did I choose which state to visit? Garrett’s is always a gift every year on my brithday! But decided to visit Garrett’s in Chicago, to OD on popcorn……awesome experience! Had to get there extra early before they opened , because there is always a line outside the building to get some YUMMY popcorn!!!!!

    • Love the Celebration Tin! (Extra special when filled with your Spicy Cheese Popcorn!!)

    • Yes the Chicago Mix is the best in it’s Pretty Pink Tin !

    • The best popcorn in the world andi have taste a lot of popcorn my favorite tin is the pink but I also have the blue which is a nice one to.

    • Craving Chicago mix, heavy on the cheese and light on the caramel in ANY tin – the bigger, the better!.

    • Chicago Mix is the best…during the superbowl i had my first taste of spicy chedder and im loving the trio!!!

    • The signature blue tin is the one I love. That popcorn sure does look good in it too. Yum Yum!

    • We’re from Houston, Texas but one fateful trip to Chicago changed our lives forever!

      Garrett! We brought back bags of the Chicago mix on the plane and we even have started ordering it for special occasions. We’re even considering ordering the big 6.5 gallon tin for our wedding in October!

      Garrett, we love you!

    • I love the Chicago mix in the pink tin! Extra carmel please!

    • I love Chicago mix

    • I just love the Chicago Mix and I remember the first time I tried it ion Chicago…yum ! We don’t have any lines here in Texas to get popcorn. Of course we don’t have Garrett’s either. You can put that popcorn in any tin and I would be a happy girl !

    • My fav is the pecan caramel mix. Put in any tin and it is the betst popcorn on the face of this earth. Give as gifts to my fav people. Fav snack for fav friends.

    • Chicago Mix! ‘Nuff said. :)

    • I absolutely love the Chicago Mix! I grew up with it, but as a child, I liked to alternate the two flavors, one kernel at a time – to savor each flavor individually…and also to make it last as long as possible! Now, I don’t have the patience so to make it last as long as possible, I just buy a bigger bag!

  2. Any movie is better if you have Garrett’s Popcorn! I’ve been addicted since visiting Chicago in 2009. You really should have a shop in Seattle. We watch alot of movies in the Pacific NW and of course that means alot of popcorn!

  3. Chicago Mix

    • Chicago Mix is by far my favorite! I love flying through Chicago … I always grab a bag at the airport and it makes the trip go faster!

  4. Taking a weekly trip downtown to get my popcorn is a must.

  5. Cheese popcorn is the best!

  6. Butter

  7. Definately Chicago Mix – that stuff is addicting!!

    • I agree. I went to Chicago in November and tried Garret’s for the first time. Brought some back to Michigan and have had two different people going pick me some up since. Then right before Christmas I had a friend who lives outside Chicago send me some. Addicting and you so yummy Chicago mix for me and my boys.

  8. Ranch is my favorite flavor!

  9. Cheesy! Hands (orangy) down!

    • Just don’t forget not to wipe on your pants, or the whole family will know, and want to know where the rest of it is. ooops all gone!!

  10. Chicago mix, of course.

  11. I could eat the Chicago mix ALL DAY LONG!!!

    • I can eat it all day and the following day. Takes me months to get over the smell and I still want more!!!

  12. The Chicago Mix is the only way to go! I am also giving away my favorite Chicago Mix to 150 of my closest friends and family at my upcoming baby shower! :)

  13. This popcorn is so amazing! I used to get it every year when my father went to Chicago for RSNA, he hasnt been able to go the past couple of years and I miss it!

  14. We bought Chicago mix back on Thanksgiving while we were there. Opened up the bag last night 1/12/12 and it was still fresh like we bought it yester day. Needless to say we finished it off……… so now we have to wait till we get to Chicago the next time.

  15. I <3 Pecan CaramelCrisp!

    For movies or any time!

  16. I would love to win some popcorn. Simply the BEST! Hands down……..

  17. When I go to the movies, I just get extra butter on my popcorn. So unhealthy yet so delicious!

  18. Caramel Cashew is my go to flavor!

  19. I love Garrett’s Popcorn.

  20. Extra Butter Popcorn

  21. Been craving the chicago style mix……bestest popcorn ever :-)

  22. Everytime I go downtown Chicago, it’s a must that I stop in Garrett’s Popcorn for “The Chicago Mix”! It’s almost like a craving! LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, & GARRETT’S POPCORN!

    • I try to schedule my flights through Chicago O’Hare. Every since I’ve remembered to get it at the airport, magically none of my flights now take me through that airport. So I just order it online. :)

  23. The Chicago Mix… what DOESN’T it go with? :-)

  24. I love me some CHICAGO MIX!!!

  25. Chicago Mix ! Delish <3

  26. My favorite combination is the Chicago Mix – cheese and carmel. The best!!!

  27. I love your cheesy popcorn!

  28. Chicago Mix is the best! No one can beat Garrett!!!

  29. Cashew CaramelCrisp!!! love it

  30. I’m a cheddar gal!

  31. Kick back and relax eating Chicago Mix!! :)

  32. I would pick the Chicago Mix too! …although I would love to try the Spicy CheeseCorn!

  33. Butter!!

  34. I love Garrett’s Cheese popcorn with a tiny scoop of caramel!


  36. Chicago Mix of course! It’s the dangerous mix!

  37. Chicago Mix!!! Is there another choice?!?!? NOT!!!!! :>)

  38. I can’t help but dream of Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp with Almonds.

  39. Caramel Crisp is the best!

  40. Hands down. The Chicago Mix is Epic!

  41. Spicy cheese corn!

  42. As a Texas lady it’s always the Chicago Mix.

  43. My six year old son tried chicago style popcorn last year for the first time. I was in Chicago and brought him back of Chicago style mix. Every night till it was gone he asked for Garrett’s Chicago style. Seth may be the pickiest eater I know and LOVES Garrett’s Chicago style mix.

  44. Chicago Mix – definitely. My family back in CT is so hooked on the stuff I have to pick up a ton of the stuff at O’hare to fly home.

  45. I LOVE this popcorn, It is truly the best I have ever had!


  47. Say it nah!! Cheese Please!!

  48. chicago mix!!!

  49. Chicago Mix by far!

  50. Cheese cheese and more cheese! I can eat cheese popcorn all day, every day!

  51. I love the cheese and Carmel………YUMMY! Best popcorn in the world!!

  52. Chicago mix hands down something so good about the cheesy and sweetness mixed together just makes you want more!

  53. my go to is Cheese Corn

  54. Say it nah! Cheese Please!!

  55. Fresh Hot Butter ….the only way to go!

  56. Seeing that I am a home grown Chicago girl – I love the Chicago Mix! Make it a point to stop in the shop on Michigan Ave. whenever I have the chance. I don’t mind ordering via the web either….for myself or for my family out of state. We all love it!!

  57. Chicago Mix takes the cake! I can’t even look at regular movie theater popcorn anymore without thinking it should really be a bag of Chicago Mix that I’m munching on instead.

  58. Cheese please

  59. Pecan CaramelCrisp

  60. My favorite is the Chicago Mix made just the way I like it; more cheese than caramel! My husband buys it for me everytime he wants to see me smile!

  61. Chicago Mix! Though, I would like to try the new Spicy Pepper!

  62. While I patiently wait for a Garrett’s in California, I always book any travel through ORD to get my Chicago Mix fix!

  63. I meant Spicy Cheddar

  64. Def Chicago mix. Wish I could get downtown more often to get some.

  65. why would anyone pick anything other than chicago mix? it’d be un-American. Just go ahead and send some popcorn our way. We’ve ordered hundreds of dollars worth for ourselves, family, friends and enemies.

  66. I love, love, love the Chicago Mix!!!

  67. I’m waiting on ups to deliver mine today! yum:)

  68. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CHICAGO MIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  69. The cheese 1st and then chicago mix love that sweet and salty combo.

  70. Cheese and Carmel combo

  71. Definitely the Chicago Mix! Can’t get enough of it!!

  72. I would love to try Chicago Mix ! I see so many rave comments and love the description
    on your website. My mouth is water! Make it stop!

  73. I used to be a Cheese popcorn purist, and then I tried the CHICAGO MIX. The smooth, salty flavor of the cheese in contrast to the snappy, sweet caramel just can’t be beat!

  74. Almond CaramelCrisp (or CaramelCrisp with cashews or pecans)

  75. Cheese and caramel mix of course!

  76. Depends on my mood…sometimes caramel, sometimes cheese, sometimes mixed!

  77. cheese and caramel mix is the bomb!!! Whole family loves it!

  78. spicy cheddar

  79. Cashew Caramel Crisp……..Delightful, delectable and just plain delicious!!!!

  80. Cashew Caramel Crisp sounds heavenly!

  81. Love Chicago mix but I do eat more of the cheese out of it:)

  82. Never tasted anything better than the chicago mix, definitely the best!

  83. I’ve been dreaming about the cheesy popcorn. I think I need to come back to Chicago!

  84. I love me some chicago mix. The last time I was @ garrett popcorn the one on 87th n cottage grove in chgo.,I’ll. I sprained my ankle in line but I was not leavin til I got my popcorn then went to hospital. I love their popcorn yummy

  85. Love the chicago mix!

  86. Definitely the spicy cheese for me!

  87. The Chicago Mix is my favorite, this is the best!!!
    I love Garretts !!!

  88. You know the Chicago- mix is the best. I posted on Facebook 2 years in a row for Christmas that I love Garrett popcorn. Well UPS delivered! Somebody loves me. You can’t miss with Chicago Mix!

  89. Chicago mix is the best!

  90. Of course it’s the Chicago mix

  91. Cheese, cheese …. CHEESE, please!

  92. Cheese, cheese … CHEESE, please!

  93. chicago mix yum! can’t wait to visit in april and try something new –

  94. My favorite is the cheese kind. It has that right amount of cheesy goodness added to the popcorn that just tastes so delicious. Could have that kind all day and night.

  95. Chicago Mix all day every day. I work a block away from one of you locations and I have “cheeseyfingers” at least three times a month. I enjoyed some last saturday while watching Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy (Shh… don’t tell)

  96. Caramel Crisp , oh yea yumm!

  97. Chicago mix is the best..always makes me smile and feel good!

  98. Gotta Go with CHEESE…so yummy!

  99. i have not tried any of this Popcorn if i did it would be the Chicago Mix -but they all look so good
    none of these shops in my area darn

  100. i like plain buttered popcorn!

  101. yay i like popcorn

  102. Definitely the Spicy Cheese.

  103. Chicago Mix is hands-down the best popcorn I’ve ever eaten, especially when it’s still warm!

  104. cheese all the way

  105. yum, yum wishing I loved near a Garretts! My go-to movie flavor cashew caramel crisp I have quite the sweet tooth! 😀 xx

  106. You know it– Chicago Mix, baby! Addictive!

  107. I’d love to be eating the CheeseCorn right now!

  108. Chicago Mix!!

  109. My favorite Garrett’s Popcorn is Caramel Crisp!!

  110. Chicago Mix!!

  111. Nothing beats the ChicagoMix!!

  112. Cheese and a little carmel a must!!!

  113. Chicago Mix! Best of two worlds.

  114. I love the cheese and caramel – a handfull of each…then it makes it’s own “Chicago Mix” in my mouth! 😀

  115. Cheesecorn!

  116. I love them all. But Chicago Mix is extra yummy.

  117. Nom, Nom! Cheese is my favorite!

  118. Chicago mix is the best but anything from Garrett popcorn is great.

  119. Chicago mix is the best popcorn flavor. Yes it is it’s own flavor.

  120. Chicago Mix is my go to pick! A little salty mixed with a little sweet. Delish!

  121. OMG ~ we are such popcorn lovers in our home ~ with 7 of us, it goes fast! Any flavor of Garrett Popcorn would be consumed in minutes with my family and the Chicago Mix is my number one choice! This would be amazing to win, thanks so much for the chance to enter. I am also following you on twitter and tweeting ~ I’m @joannaonthelake Best of luck to everyone!

  122. Chicago mix is the best!

  123. my favorite is the chicago mix.

  124. Chicago Mix! I get it however I can 😀 When ever my friend visits some of her gal pals in Chicago, I always ask her to bring me back some. We live in Green Bay so I just don’t get there enough!

  125. I like the spicy cheese (if available) or cheese balanced with a nutty caramel such as cashew caramel!

  126. My favorite Garrett’s mix??? Chicago of course!! It’s the best mix, named for the best city!!!!

  127. I love cheese the best….but ALL Garrett’s popcorn is fantastic!

  128. Chicago Mix!

    Wish I could get Garretts out on the west coast
    Best popcorn I’ve ever had!

  129. I am getting hungry just reading all the posts. Cheese popcorn with more carmel in the Chicago Mix. I have to wait in line on Michigan Ave. and everytime I go there is a line for the best popcorn. My friend in Flordia waits for shipping offers just to get Garretts. I am hoping to win, so I can send her a piece of heaven in a can. Love Garretts. Can’t wait to get some chicago mix, yummmie~~~

  130. I smuggle a Jumbo size of Chicago Mix into the Movies, like it’s contraband. And I don’t share. When it comes to Garrett, Friends and Strangers are one and the same to me.

  131. Easy, Chicago Mix is da bomb! :)

  132. Butter is the BEST!

  133. Chicago mix is the BESTEST ever when watching a movie!

  134. my favorite is the Chicago mix..I get it every time I visit Chicago

  135. I love thecaramel and cheese popcorn mix. Th best popcorn in he world.

  136. Carmel is my pick

  137. OMG. The Chicago Mix is where it’s at. I always send my family on the east coast tins for Christmas….and they can’t get enough either. :)

  138. Chicago Mix is THE BEST!!!!! #PopcornPicks

  139. Love the Chicago Mix!

  140. Chicago Mix is the best..

  141. we want free garrett’s anything and chicago mix rocks

  142. Chicago mix is the best! I wish there was one in Wisconsin again.

  143. The Chicago Mix is the bomb!!!

  144. I LOVE the cheese!! I now live in Arizona and my family in IL ship it to me :)

  145. I love Chicago Mix but it should have an equal amount of both #Popcornpicks

  146. Cheese and pecan caramel mix is the BEST!

  147. of course the Chicago mix is thebomb.com….lol

  148. Cheese is the best for me!!!!

  149. My family and I like the Chicago mix w/ equals amounts of cheese and caramel corn of course. Any Garrett’s popcorn is the filet mignon of popcorn. Size, taste and texture, perfection. Please, please open a shop in the northern suburbs

  150. Chicago Mix is my go-to for any occasion!

  151. Chicago Mix is the best!

  152. It’s all great! Especially love the cheese and butter.


  154. My pick is the Chicago Mix! So yummy! Best way to enjoy a movie.

  155. Chicago Mix, nuff said!

  156. The Chicago Mix is the best!

  157. several years ago, i took my middle daughter to Chicago for her fall break. We discovered Garrett’s popcorn… waited in long lines every day that entire week to get hot caramel corn ! Ever since … we go every time we are in Chicago AND we order it online for the holidays and give it for gifts … has become the yummiest tradition in our family . LOVE it .

  158. Chicago mix is the best, I get it everytime I pass through O’Hare

  159. Chicago mix for sure!!

  160. Chicago Mix is the best…tasty kernels of sunshine here in Florida! I always bring a large supple back to the office after my annual trip to Chicago…everyone looks forward to it and it’s a great way to appreciate the team!

  161. for the movies, just plain butter. Otherwise Cheese pecan carmel.

  162. Cheese or try Ranch.

  163. Caramel Crisp is good to the last lick. The Caramel Crisp and gingerbread mix at Christmas is one to enjoy as well.

    Garrett’s is awesome whatever flavor is your favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Chicago Mix Baby… finger licking, lip smacking, awesomeness!

  165. I was thinking Chicago Mix was my choice but now I am leaning towards Cashew Caramel Crisp! YUM!!
    following & tweeting @textiff

  166. Garrett’s Chicago Mix hands doen, no contest. Hooked sice visitinf Chiago, I dream of that popcorn so what to do? Have it shipped here to Mass. UPS. Ahhh…

  167. ChicagoMix is my favorite!

  168. The Chicago Mix is the perfect balance between sweety and salty. Separated they both can become overwhelming in short order, but to combine them the chomping can go on for hours! Try some if you haven’t already, your tastebuds will thank you forever!

  169. The Chicago Mix!

  170. That’s easy. The Chicago Mix! Nothing like cheese & carmel popcorn during a good movie.

  171. I’m an old fashioned girl and I LOVE the cheese…your caramel is delish too…but your cheese is truly the BEST cheese popcorn I have EVER had : )

  172. Chicago mix! No question!

  173. The Chicago mix is my favorite.

  174. The Chicago Mix is the best! I’m addicted to it.

  175. The Chicago Mix is the best popcorn! Recently got a tin for my Fiance – I should have purchased 2! I can’t stop munching on his!

  176. 20 years after leaving Chicago, I still get cravings for Garrett’s Caramel Crisp. Anything else is an imposter.

  177. Didn’t think I’d like it til I actually had it……Chicago mix!!! I was hooked once I had it!

  178. Pecan Caramelcrisp

  179. Chicago Mix

  180. Chicago Mix!!! :)

  181. We always get Chicago Mix! In fact, just ordered a big tin for my husband’s birthday. SHHH! ☺

  182. Chicago Mix is the best to chow down on for the movies! you get the best of 3 worlds!

  183. Hands down the Chicago mix!! It’s the perfect blend of sweet and salty!!! Yummy

  184. Chicago Mix definitely! My bf drives a limo and he double parked outside the Michigan Ave store where we always go and ran in and got me a jumbo the day before Christmas Eve to suprise me!!!

  185. I have to agree that Cashew CaramelCrisp is my FAVORITE!

  186. Cheese me, please!!!

  187. CHICAGO MIX! Seriously, I can’t get through a month without ordering some. I got everyone I know addicted to it this year by purchasing a bunch for xmas gifts. I have been a fan for a year since I first tasted it and I CAN’T GET ENOUGH

  188. Hands down-Chicago mix. So good!

  189. Chicago mix is the yummiest. I introduce the popcorn to one of my friend last year. She live in chicago all her life never been. I couldn’t understand that. I been goin for as long as I been on earth. Well not me literally wen I was young my mom or aunt brought it to me n my siblings but I go now. Since its on 87th I can’t stop gone

  190. I love the cheese and caramel mix and wish I had a trip planned so I could try the spicy popcorn!

  191. Chicago mix!

  192. We LOVE the Chicago Mix & live in Indiana, but my hubby will stand in line @ the new Garrett’s on 87th & Cottage Grove to get that good caramel/cheese popcprn… BEST Popcorn in the world!!!

  193. Oh, how I love the Chicago mix. Wish I was a lot closer to Chicago so I could enjoy this popcorn more often! It is the best! I have only had the opportunity to enjoy this popcorn twice, but it would be worth a trip to Chicago to have it again!!! I guess I will need to order some!

  194. It’s the Cheese Popcorn for me! I love, love, love it! Bring on those cheesy fingers! No one beats Garrett’s!

  195. Chicago Mix – reminds me of home. Lucky for me I’m in ORD all the time!

  196. I love the Chicago mix! Had it the first time I went to Chicago this summer!

  197. Chicago Mix!

  198. Chicago mix! I visited Chicago for the first time this summer & got to try my first experience with the deliciousness of Garrett Popcorn. I fell in love with the Chicago mix so much that I ordered myself a gallon of it to be shipped all the way home to Texas! I’ve loved sharing it’s deliciousness with my family & friends :)

  199. Cheese and Caramel is irresistible! One of my bet friends is from Chicago and she knows there must be some in her carry on each time we meet up! It has traveled to Boston, Florida, Ontario, and more! :) thanks Steph! Last time she even provided moist towelettes for those cheesy fingers.

  200. I really want the Cashew Caramel Crisp. SOOOOOOOOOOO good!

  201. Garretts Chi Mix Rules

  202. the cheese is the best even the new spicy one love it get a bag every week

  203. chicago mix all the way!!! love it and can eat it all day and night!!!

  204. The Chicago Mix, thanks for the contest.


  206. I cannot resist carmel corn! Second would be white cheddar cheese!

  207. I have never tried Garretts so I am looking forward to winning this so I can become a fan (according to all these great comments!) :)

  208. Wanting to send some Chicago Mix to my BF, and say OMG, but not Oh my God, but Oooh My Garrett’s is the best poped popcorn, and I am glad to be a Chicago girl born and raised that I can take a train both downtown and to O’Hare Airport to get me some of that munchin piece of heaven in a bag, that I have to hid when I get home, because it is a treat that is sweet but not to share.

  209. Cheese popcorn is the very best!

  210. I am a plain popcorn kinda gal!

  211. Is there anything other than Chicago Mix

  212. Less than two week ago, my two daughters and I tried to wait on my son to arrive from D.C., to share the Garret Chicago Mix with him…sorry son all gone, it was too good, we just couldn’t wait!! By the way, it was the 6 1/2 gal tin!

  213. sounds delish

  214. The decision to open a store on the south side of Chicago lets me know Garrett is mindful of our support of the best popcorn ever. Garrett could have chosen any place in Chicago, but you picked our side of town. Thank you for coming on the South-side!!!

  215. Enter for a chance to win your Popcorn Pick would love to win

  216. I want to try the cashew carmel yummy!

  217. I love the ranch

  218. My favorite Carmel Crisp and Buttery! I hope I win my most favorite popcorn!!

  219. I would have to say the cheese popcorn would be my choice for now, but carmel would also be a close runner.

  220. HOLYCATS can’t live with out the Chicago Mix and I don’t have to, it’s my once a week treat.

  221. I love the Chicago mix and I love that fun simpsons can!
    You are the best!!! I think I just started drooling.

  222. Garrett’s Popcorn Is Definitely Loved In Memphis, TN!!!

  223. Any tin is fine, it’s the goodies inside that matter! Love, love, love Garrett popcorn. I just bought a tin for my sin, Garrett and sent it to him for Valentine’s Day! It was Valentin Day for him!

  224. Chicago Mix in a Chicago Skyline tin.

  225. Celebrate all the way. Great for any occasion!

  226. I love all of your popcorn, but my favorite has to be the mix (cheese carmel)! I teach special needs students (preschoolers with Autism) and they have very selective appetites, but the one thing I can always count on that they will enjoy is Garrett’s cheese popcorn. I have ordered on line and visited the store whenever I am in Chicago! IT’S SIMPLY THE BEST!

    • I love all of your popcorn, but my favorite has to be the mix (cheese carmel)! I teach special needs students (preschoolers with Autism) and they have very selective appetites, but the one thing I can always count on that they will enjoy is Garrett’s chees popcorn. I have ordered on line and visited the store whenever I am in Chicago! IT’S SIMPLY TE BEST!

  227. I love the Caramel Crisp…………have to have this to enjoy any movie!!!

  228. Spicy Cheese Corn!!

  229. Gotta love the Pink, it’s my favorite :)

  230. Of course the Chicago Mix! Nothing beats it!

  231. I love the Signature Pink Tin…filled with Cheese and Caramel Mixed…It’s HEAVEN!!!!!!

  232. Chicago Mix the best! in original blue can. Need one of these in Houston!

  233. I LOVE All your popcorn. Pick me!!!

  234. The gold and silver can is very striking. It has such a regal look that speaks volumns, very classy , it looks like something that you would disply at a “Oscar” cocktail party.

  235. I have 2 favorite tins, 1 being the Celebrate tin (because every Aug for my BDay someone sends it to me for a gift :0) ) and the other is the Pink & Hot Pink tin (these are my favorite colors). If I had to choose it would be the Pink!!!

    Garretts is the ABSOLUTE Best!

    Keep up the GREAT work and Popcorn!

  236. Chicago style is the best…its the perfect popcorn mix

  237. What could be better than cheese!!! More cheese in a pink tin!

  238. LOVE the plain cheese popcorn! We pick some up every time we are in Chicago and order a tin for birthdays and special occasions ! The best popcorn I’ve ever had!

  239. I love, love, love the carmel corn!!!! Any tin is fine with me so long as it is filled with carmel corn!

  240. although I’ve never seen them in person- the blue traditional can is classy and to the point! It’s what is inside that MAKES the tin! I had never even heard of Garrett’s until one of our grad students brought us back the little bags of caramel while traveling to Chicago to study last month and I have to say I am now addicted!!!!!!! Luckily she has to go back and forth a few more times! :):):) I am now an email subscriber! DELISH!

  241. The ‘Chicago Mix’ is my go to choice for Garrett’s popcorn. The key is knowing your cheese to caramel ratio!

  242. I love the pink tin! But too agree that it is what’s inside that makes any of the tin’s special!!!!

  243. The blue can has always been the “Chicago Tradition” logo in my mind, let’s keep it going. Chicago Mix is my secret lover, because my husband is not aware when I hide and eat my
    popcorn. (all mine, all mine!!!) mmmhh.

  244. Love all the flavors, but cheese, caramel are faves! :-) Here’s hoping!! LOL

  245. The Original Blue Tin, but any of them filled with Chicago Mix would work!!

  246. It has to be the Chicago Mix! Always! When you get the hot carmel and mix is with the fresh cheese, it is decadent! Makes my entire family happy!

  247. I have been away from home (Chicago) for over a decade as I have tried to explain to friends and then explaining to my children that they hadn’t had popcorn until they had Garrets. I recently moved my family back home. Touring my kids around the city and showing them old neighborhoods we passed by Garrets on 87th I got so excited and wanted to stop we were on our way to a baby shower and I told them afterwards we would stop. It was closed when we left the shower. My son asked whats the deal with the this popcorn? Whats so special about it? I asked did you see the lines, the taste how it melts in your mouth. Just watch you will see. So I told them that we would stop after church. After church we went he still had his doubts. As we were standing in line I asked can you smeeelllllllll it my mouth was watery as I said it. He said yeah and. As we got inside and the smell got stronger he said ok what kind are we getting.I told him the Chicago Mix. Well I bought some and he actually bought his own and Guess what he did not want anyone to put there hands in his bag and directed everyone my way. Then he had the nerve to put his hands in my bag…. Now he just keep asking when we going back to Garrets…… As mister foods would say its just sooo UMMMMM UMMMMM GOOD!!!! SO Good! Lesson learned there is nothing like Garrets.

  248. No need to improve on Perfection: Classic Tin filled with Chicago Mix.

  249. The silver and gold tin. Elegant and tasteful, like the carmelcrisp itself.

  250. Love the Chicago themed tins. Great as gifts. Have given the Chicago tin and Cubs tin. Time for the Bulls tin. The popcorn is always a favorite.

  251. Macadamian Nut and Pecan carmel is the best. Curled up in the bed with a tin, you just can’t go wrong

  252. I Love the Chicago mix in the Chicago tin! Every time my friend and I visit Chicago we make sure that Garrett’s is our first and last stop. We happened upon your store one visit a few years back and we have been hooked ever since. We seriously can’t stop talking and dreaming of this popcorn! Garrett’s I ♥ you so much!!! :)……………..

  253. My Kids say CHEESE please and my husband and myself say CHICAGO! and some spicy cheese :)

  254. Caramel Crisp all the way.

  255. love the caramel corn the best, but all the other flavors are delish too.

  256. Chicago Mix. (In the Chicago tin makes a great gift for fans of Chicago.)

  257. the best tin is the chicago skyline and of course it has to be filled with the chicago mix!!!!

  258. Original can is nice… all the sports teams are awesome, of course. But nothing beats the best skyline in the world… I like the Chicago skyline can!

  259. 3 generations, & 47+ family members always fight over your sweetest, buttery carmel-crisp corn & dripping down your orange fingers salty cheezy corn in the world… it IS the BEST!!! :)
    We Never miss your Chi town stores but can’t visit enough – so order between visits too!!!! Ooh starving for some now… can’t wait to order again!!!

    Love the silver/gold strip tin!
    So classy!!!

  260. I love the caramel mix – classic and delicious!

  261. The cheese popcorn has always been my favorite but i just heard about the spicy popcorn, I would love to give it a try……Garrett’s is the best!!

  262. My favorite is the pecan caramel crisp in the garrett signature snowflake tin. I ordered this for my parents for the holidays and it was a major hit :-) Love, Love, Love!!!

  263. I had Garrett’s popcorn for the first time last year on a visit to Chicago, I got the Chicago mix and locked it in my suitcase because I didn’t want to eat it all before I left town as I was only there for two days. As soon as I got home I didn’t even unpack, I unlocked my suitcase and started eating. It was absolutely fabulous!

  264. Spicy and carmel popcorn

  265. I like the original blue pinstripe tin and love it even more filled with The Chicago Mix@

  266. My favorite was always the carmel mix. recently I tried the chicago mix and it is now my very favorite. I do not live in Chicago, but my very last stop before I board the plane is Garretts. I buy a lot take it home and freeze it.. It is a real treat

  267. I love the blue can!!

  268. Chicago tin with pecan caramel yummmy

  269. The buttery popcorn is the best! Caramel Crisp is 2nd best!!

  270. My favorite was always the carmel mix. Recently I tried the Chicago mix and it is now my very favorite. I do not live in Chicago, but my very last stop before I board the plane is always Garretts. I buy a lot, take it home, and freeze what I don’t eat on the way. It is a real treat as I buy enough to last months.

  271. I love the Chicago Tin! No better way to celebrate the fabulous city of Chicago than with a great mix of Garrett’s Popcorn! Filled with the Chicago mix of course! These two are perfect together.

  272. Garret Signature Silver & Gold.

  273. Caramel is the best! Never met anyone who can have just one bite!!

  274. I love the NY Skyline because I usually pick up the popcorn when I am in New York. (which is not often enought). But really, the tin isn’t what makes the popcorn great, it is Garretts secret recipe. I LOVE THE STUFF!!!

  275. Love the Chicago mix and spicy cheese Trio

  276. The Chicago Skyline tin is the ticket! When the Blackhawks won… still have that one!
    And husband gave me the Valentine pink one last year…
    Came in for 4th of July and was the last one to get popcorn… sorry Chicagoans… I am a Chicagoan out of water… living in Atlanta…,gotta get mine! Told the Suburbanites, we drove 11 hrs to get Garrett!
    Hey What’s up with International locations! Get one in ATL… BUILD IT… WE WILL COME! Anyway… Say Cheese Please! Looking forward to spicy cheese..

  277. Garrett Signature Pink is my favorite tin filled with Pecan CaramelCrisp and CheeseCorn! Yummy!!

  278. Cheese popcorn in the classic blue tin is the best!

  279. The classis blue tin is most recognizable as Garrett’s signature look. I have received the pink tin as a gift a few times and it’s really cute, too. Chicago mix all the way!

  280. I love the Fall tin, orange & black!

  281. The best looking tin is still the classic gold and blue. It is the flavor inside that really counts, Chicago Mix is the tastiest choice to fill the tin.

  282. Any tin filled with popcorn is good to me! I do like the white gold and silver tin.

  283. I love the classic blue tin!! My mom just got the Chicago mix for me for my birthday! Best gift ever!!

  284. Classic Blue! You can see it a mile away and know what it is!!! :-)

  285. I think my choice of popcorm is the multi — carmel corn, cheddar corn and buttered pop corm. To dress the package I love the classy look of the striped design with the gold, silver and white striped tin. It shows Garrett’s Popcorm looks COOL but tastes HOT!

  286. Chicago Skyline tin with buttery popcorn:)!

  287. Everyone knows that Chicago Mix is the bestest! LOL!

  288. I love the chicago mix but I’ll love it in the new celebration tin.

  289. Love the Classic Mix the best.

  290. The Original blue tin is my favorite, filled with the Chicago mix. Since I to moved to Oregon whenever I go back home to Michigan for the summer, I have to make a special trip to get my Chicago mix, fresh off the Magnificent Mile.

  291. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cheese popcorn with a dash of the caramel! I grew upon Garretts, it’s a culinary superstar!!!!!!!

  292. Oh! My fave tin is the pink one!

  293. I love the pink tin. One of my best friends gave me a popcorn gift in that tin amd have loved it since then :-)

  294. The pink tin because it is my wife’s favorite and I loved the look on her face when she opened the box and saw the pink tin the first time last year!

  295. The Oscar goes to…Chicago Mix in the Wrigley Field 2-gallon tin.

  296. My first visit to Chicago, I sought out your store and couldn’t leave! I so love your caramel corn and I sent your gingerbread caramel corn in your snazzy silver and gold tin as a gift to Chicago-born pals who live away from you. My favorite tin is the Chicago Skyline, so perfect to remember fun trips to your city from my Southern home of Memphis.

  297. There is no better popcorn that has can stand up to the quality and caliber of the Chicago Mix!

  298. I like the signature blue and gold tin. The tin looks regal; its a classic container with an artistic design.



  301. My favorite tin has the Chicago Skyline, reminds me of my childhood and trips to the Aquarium, Museum of Science and Industry, and Buckingham Fountain with my Dad! The caramel and cheese side by side are my favorite, I like to mix them myself.

  302. Silver and Gold is awesome, very elegant for anniversarys, etc.

  303. My favorite tin is the Chicago Skyline & favorite flavor is the Cheese & carmel half & half.

  304. My favorite is the Chicago skyline, filled with the Chicago mix. I just gave a tin to my 91 year old mother for her birthday–she misses Chicago and I thought this would bring back happy memories.

  305. My favorite is the Chicago mix!!

  306. Can’t resist the Chicago Mix and I love the custom glam colored tin!

  307. Cheese & caramel pecan mix. In the Chicago skyline is classic sooooo yummy!

  308. I crave the Chicago Mix!! I think the Simpson’s 500th Episode Tin is cool. I only get it when I visit my children who live by Chicago. Really can’t afford to buy it online.. :(

  309. Chicago Mix all the way with the skyline tin! Great gifts for any occasion!

  310. Chicago tin … Chicago mix!!!
    This is the most fantastic popcorn ever!

  311. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE GARRETT CHICAGO STYLE POPCORN!!! Whenever I am in the area you better believe I am in that line waiting to purchase my sweet n salty treat! 😀

  312. Garrett’s Chicago Mix is PURE BLISS!!!! When traveling I choose connecting flights through O’Hare just so I can pick up this delicious taste combination. I live in Mid-MO and you are simply too far away! Chicago Mix ROCKS!!!

  313. Hands down by far, the CHICAGO MIX. Mmmmm Mmmmmm Goood. I

  314. Chicago mix is da bomb!

  315. love the chicago mix!!

  316. Chicago Mix fo sho! We were in Chicago just last weekend and we stopped to get some… the bag didn’t even make it home to Indianapolis!

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