Dec 102010

Every December we pull our holiday ornaments from boxes and adorn our homes with reminders of this magical season and holiday’s passed, but we like to incorporate another decorating staple: popcorn! Stringing popcorn from your tree is a fun activity to share with family and a delicious one at that because there is no better way to spend your snowy Chicago evening together, enjoying the flavors of  our gourmet popcorn (warning: Garrett’s CheeseCorn™ may leave a delectable cheesy residue on your family’s fingers).  It’s simple, take a needle tied with a long piece of  thread and string away.

Also, not only are our custom holiday tins great to display in windows or on tables, our favorite spot is right under the tree and topped with a bow for Christmas Day munching.  The holidays really are about spending time with family and enjoying the company of those you love. And with a fun flavor for everyone, Garrett Popcorn Shops is here to add to the fun!

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