Chicago Mix Cheer Off!

Chicago Mix Cheer Off!

  8 Responses to “Chicago Mix Cheer Off!”

  1. I’m partial to the Almond Crisp and my significant other LOVES the Chicago mix!

  2. Garretts popcorn is the best popcorn ever. I prefer the Chicago Mix. When I first purchased it I was able to enjoy it all by myself but I made the mistake of sharing with my family now everybody want to know when I’m ordering more…SMH. Should have kept it to myself!!! :)

  3. Love the Chicago Mix!!! Its the perfect blend :)

  4. i love the cheesy corn the best, though i do like the chicago mix for a little variety! it’s been too long since i’ve had some!

  5. Chicago Mix all the way!!!

  6. Oh my, where should I start I love Garrett’s Carmel almond mix’s my fav !! I always stand in a long line patiently at Navy Pier to get my hands on some yummilicious popcorn :)

  7. The chicago mix is the best. I have to force myself to stop eating it so I could put some in the refrigerator because it’s even better cold.

  8. Chicago Mix is my favorite!! We are having it at our wedding reception and I’m sure it will be a huge hit!

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