Mar 132012

Chicago Mix Cheer Off!

We’ve got popcorn, yes we do! We’ve got popcorn, how ’bout you?

Which Garrett Popcorn flavor is your favorite? Share your answer with the world and you could be the one who cheers all the way to the bottom of the tin! To enter The Chicago Mix Cheer-Off and a chance to win a $50 Garrett Popcorn Shops® e-certificate, simply post a reply on this blog post. For a second entry, send a Tweet to @GarrettPopcorn with the hashtag #PopPep in the message.

Winners will be chosen by a random number generator on 04/03/2012 12 pm CST and announced by 04/10/2012. No purchase necessary to win. See official rules here.

This sweepstakes is sponsored solely by Garrett Brands LLC, P.O. Box 11342, Chicago, Illinois, 60611.

Go team!

  210 Responses to “Enter The Chicago Mix Cheer-Off for a chance to win a $50 e-certificate”

  1. Chicago mix is my fav. Too bad I don’t get to the city often enuff to really enjoy it.

    • Chicago Mix! :). Anytime I get to Chicago it’s Chicago Mix on the Navy Pier w/ CUBS or the Bears, any two of those every visit! I

    • When i was completing chemo…the only thing that I wanted was gaarrett popcorn chi mix…its the best!!!

    • I would love to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that Chicago Mixxx nothing like. wish that they had a store closer to me..

    • Chicago Mix is the best invention known to mankind..better than cell phones :)

    • Chicago mix is scrumptious!!!!!!!!!!!! I had some every day for the last four days! Yummy!!


  3. The Chicago Mix is my favorite!!!!!!! Can’t wait to come downtown and purchase some, or maybe I can win some!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chicago mix for sure! Could eat it everyday! Yum!

  5. I love the caramel!!!

  6. Sure wish Garrett’s were located in my city! The Chicago Mix is my absolute favorite of all time! Each time I visit family and friends in Chicago I always make it a point to stock up on my favorites. Now that I don’t live in the city anymore it’s always a wonderful reason to visit even more. #PopPep

  7. Yum, need I say anything more

  8. Garrett’s is the best ever popcorn. Cant go wrong with any flavor. YUMMY!!!!

  9. C-H-I-C-A-G-O, Chicago Mix is the way to go! GGGoooo Garretts!

    • Chicago Mix..have loved it since I was old enough to know what Garretts was! Even got my sister from Chandler Indiana hooked. Her 3 year old calls the UPS
      truck the Popcorn truck.

  10. Caramel Pecan Crisp :)

  11. Even though I’m a lift long Chicagoan, I’ll take mine in separate bags please! Love both caramel and cheese, but would LOVE a white cheddar version. :-)

  12. Garrett’s Chicago Mix is the BEST! ! !

  13. I see Garrett’s posts in my FB newsfeed every day and miss home and the yumminess of the Chicago mix.

  14. Chicago Mix

  15. The Chicago Mix – known far and wide as THE BEST!

  16. chicago mix is twice the flavor sensation!!!!!

  17. Chicago Style

  18. I met a friend who is from Chicago. And she brought me some of your yummy Chicagomix popcorn. Man was it to die for! I hate we don’t have a Garrett Popcorn shop here.

  19. I love both cheese and caramel but not together. Seperate containers to enjoy each falvor please

  20. I always take a separate carry-on bag to Chicago so I can bring home the Chicago Mix! Rah!

  21. the chicago mix has been my favorite for as long as i can remember. i don’t see that changing any time soon. :-)

  22. Chicago Mix is my VERY favorite!

  23. ChicagoMix is the best because you get the best of both worlds. Nothing like eating Garrett’s after it’s just been popped with its finger licking deliciousness.

  24. Chicago mix is my favorite! I love Garrett’s popcorn!

  25. Just went to Chicago yesterday and came back with the Chicago Mix! Safe to say that the bag is already gone… When anyone in my family heads into the city, it’s expected they come home with Garrett’s!

  26. Chicago Mix is the best!!

  27. Pop,Pop the Pop,Pop, Garretts Popcorn Shop, finger licking, tongue slopping Garretts Pop Shop, yummy, yummy POP!

  28. Chicago Mix is my favorite! :)

  29. When the cashier suggested Chicago Mix at the NYC store, i was sure I’d hate it. I tried it, and I’m ADDICTED!!!

  30. I love te caramel. Taking a large bag back to miami today!

  31. I love the Chicago Mix. I had a job interview in Chicagoland and I’m hoping I get it so I can have Garrett Popcorn more often! :)

  32. I love the caramel, my son loves the cheese… so the Chicago Mix is perfect for us!

  33. cheese corn is my favorite. 😀 thanks for the chance.

  34. I’ve never been to Chicago, but I have Chicago in my heart. Now if I could only get Chicago Mix in my tummy…

  35. I love the caramel corn, especially with cashews! Whenever we go see our family in Boston or Orlando, we take a couple of large bags to share. It is all great!

  36. The chicago mix is my favorite… because no 2 are alike, just like my wonderful city….

  37. Chicago mix- for sure! Just the right combo of salty vs sweet!!!!

  38. Garrett’s Cheese Corn is my absolute favorite! Love it!

  39. I hope I win! I need to feed my Garrett’s addiction!

  40. Chicago mix with a little extra cheese corn! Need some in San Francisco~

  41. CheeseCorn is my favorite!

  42. It’s a tough choice between the carmel corn and cheese corn, so I’ll say Chicago Mix :) Best of both worlds

  43. I absolutely LOVE Garrett’s Popcorn soo much that I get the Chicago mix at least once a week! #myguiltypleasure

  44. Best popcorn ever !! I have GARRET as my facebook photo for almost two years. CAN I SAY MORE. LOVE LOVE IT!! CHICAGO MIX OH YUMMY!!!

  45. I love Garrett popcorn!!!!!!

  46. My favorite popcorn from Garrett is Pecan Caramel Crisp. It’s pure heaven!! I love Garrett Popcorn!

  47. Straight up cheese! Gotta love those yellow fingers :-)

  48. CHEESE, please! #PopPep

  49. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Chicago Mix!! I don’t get to Chicago no where near enough but would love to win the certificate. There is no popcorn shop that even comes close to comparison..Garrett’s is the BOMB!! 😀

  50. Absolutely live the Chicago Mix!

  51. Hey, Hey, Hey…Whatcha got to say?: “My Favorite Mix is Carmel/PecanCluster and Cheese Mix…..”Goooo ~ Garett’s” ((Shaking my Pom ~ Pom’s)) Yayyy!!!!

  52. The Chicago Mix … and considering how much I pay to have it shipped to Hawaii, you know I must LOVE it for sure!

  53. POP-O-LISOUS all the way with my favorite CASHEW CARMELCRISP @GarrettPopcorn !! Love it!! #PopPep @mcjunkie

  54. Macadamia CaramelCrisp!!

  55. Love Garrett’s!

  56. Chicago mix is my favorite!!! Hope you guys open a store down south.

  57. My favorite Garrett’s Popcorn is Chicago mix!!!!!!!!!! Cheese Corn is also great!!! Actually, I like all the flavor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. ANY!! Love ’em all……what I miss most about Chicago…thank goodness for shipping!

  59. CARAMEL CRISP is our favorite, every-evening-TV snack, but we like them all! As soon as the bag nears the bottom, we start planning our next Navy Pier run–cannot live without Garrett’s! 😀

  60. Nothing better than Chicago Mix

  61. Yaaaaaay!….Thank you for opening the new store on E 87th Street (off Cottage Grove) in Chicago..It is so convenient and I already see the lines, all the way down to street!…What a convenience (and a smart business move)…


    P.S. – Let me know if you’d like me to do a commercial for you all…I’d be happy to be a spokesperson to help spread the word! (wink)….But very serious! (

  62. The Chicago Mix is a family favorite. Many place.s imitate it but only. Garretts originated it

  63. I love the cashew Carmel mixed with cheese

  64. My favorite flavor is pecan carmel crisp!

  65. I would love to win so I could try your popcorn. I eat popcorn almost every day.

  66. I live in ATL and go to Chicago every 3 months to visit my family. I spend so much money on the TINS of the Chicago Mix, that last year I needed to write it off on my taxes. I have even drove in a snowstorm, on the way to the airport, and almost missed my flight to go get some popcorn. But it was sooooo worth it!

  67. I’m having my husband make a Garrett’s run for a Chicago Mix today!

  68. I love that Pecan Caramel Crisp!

  69. Chicago mix rocks! Savory and sweet in one mouthful, and another, and another…

  70. My favorite would probably have to be the Caramel.

  71. I love just plain old buttery the best, classic and delicious

  72. I love love love the Chicago mix so much that my friend sent it to me for my birthday… all the way in Boston. And it still tasted delicious!

  73. Nothing but Chicago Mix all the way!!!

  74. Love this popcorn. Could eat it all day!

  75. Chicago Mix all the way!

  76. Chicago Mix is the best! However, I do like them all.

  77. OHHH the macademia for SURE!! From those stores that still carry it, that is (boooo). Close second is the cheese!

  78. Chicago mix all the way!!!

  79. Although I’ve only ever tasted the Chicago Mix, it’s my favorite :)

  80. Chicago Mix is the best! I like it so much I wrote this post about it!

  81. Chicago Mix is definitely the one I crave!

  82. CARAMEL CRISP way too good.

  83. Love Chicago Mix. I let my 2 dogs, Chloe & Karlie have some of the cheese popcorn and now Chloe will no longer eat any other kind of popcorn. If I offer her Garrett’s cheese popcorn and another brand of cheese popcorn, she will turn her nose up at the other popcorn and gobble down the Garrett. She loves it. I have created a cheese hound!

  84. Chicago Mix is the BOMB!


  86. CheeseCorn is my favorite with ChicagoMix a very close second!


  88. Chicago mix is the best. I love how the cheese stains your fingers.

  89. Chicago Mix is my favorite…close second is the Cashew Carmelcrisp…yum!

  90. Cheese. I love the cheese. Will plan my trips through Chicago so I can get it at O’Hare.

  91. Chicago Mix is my all time favorite and has been since I was a kid. So much so that I order it on a very regular basis all the way in Arizona!!! My poor credit card SMH! Hmm now I am going to have to order some more. Gosh darn it! :)

  92. Love the spicy and caramel mix, the best in the midwest …

  93. B.E.S.T. P.O.P.C.O.R.N. E.V.E.R!!! Caramel is my ultra-fav!!

  94. i LOVED the Spicy Cheese. Can you bring that back?

  95. The Chi-Town Mix…Chicago Mix!!!

  96. I get my “fix” with Garrett’s Chicago Mix! :-)

  97. Love the smell of fresh Chicago Mix at Ogilvie each morning!

  98. Fav is the Chicago Mix!

  99. There is no debate, Chicago Mix is the best!!

  100. Caramel with cashews..

  101. Carmel Crisp is delicious, but Chicago Mix is the tried and true best flavor.

  102. Love, Love, Love, Chicago Mix!!!! I think I’m addicted! Can’t get enough and we live in Oak Brook, IL. Please open a Garretts out here…….Please!!!

  103. Love me some Cheesy Cheese Cheese!

  104. Love the cheese popcorn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, please please put a store in the northern suburbs!!!!!!

  105. GARRETT’S POPCORN IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!!!!!! I tell people about this popcorn ALL THE TIME! No one compares! I wish we could have one in Michigan! Chicago Mix is the best of the best!

  106. Cheese is my favorite! Cheese, Cheese and More Cheese! :)

  107. Chicago Mix is the best popcorn flavor on Earth… I’d bathe in it if I could. :)

  108. i really like the Plain flavor. but Caramel Pecan Crisp is my favorite!

  109. Caramel Pecan Crisp

  110. When walking along the streets of the city, one can smell Garretts a mile away and the smeall instantly makes ones mouth water, eyes buldge and has them stopped in their tracks to see if they can pinpoint the exact location. Good thing for these people, Garrett’s multiple locations allows for easy access to that great smell of Chicago’s BEST popcorn. With having said that, I always recommend the Chicago Mix for those wanders who cannot seem to decide on which mix to try first because that is my all time favorite flavor/choice of Garretts!!!

  111. Delicious, savory CheeseCorn

  112. “Pop! . . . Pop! . . Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!”
    for Garrett Chicago MIx
    “Pop! . . . Pop! . . Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!”

  113. Caramel Crisp YUM!

  114. Chicago Mix is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am fiending for it right now!

  115. C-H-E-E-S-E / C-A-R-A-M-E-L
    I now live in Missouri and have to wait for a GOOD friend to send it to me now. Lived in Chi-Town my whole life and was never a problem driving downtown to get me some. Now its a 10 hour ride :(
    I could really appreciate that E-Certificate :)

  116. chicago mix!!

  117. i like the Cashew CaramelCrisp the best

  118. Chicago Mix

  119. I love the Chicago Mix!!!

  120. Chicago Mix hands down! And I’m not beyond standing way down the street in line to get it every time I go there!

  121. CarmelCrisp is my absolute fav!

  122. The Chicago Mix is my absolute favorite with caramel being a close second. I love it so much my husband and I ordered 100 bags to be shipped to Alaska for our wedding reception. I also recently won an award and had a Garrett’s popcorn container in the picture with me.

  123. My favorite flavor is cashew carmelcrisp.

  124. Absolutely, no question, CHICAGO MIX!

  125. Love Chicago mix and Garrett! Need one in AZ!!

  126. The Chicago mix is the best! But to be honest, it’s been so long since I’ve been there that I haven’t tried some of the newer flavors……

  127. I love the Chicago Mix. get it every time I visit Chicago!

  128. When ever I go through O’Hare, I get a popcorn ball!

  129. Chicago Mix is my absolute favorite. Perfect mix of sweet, salty and cheesy. The caramel and the cheese are each great alone, but make a special kind of magic when combined. Plus there’s nothing better than Garrett’s.

  130. Caramel. My all time favorite food. We visit Chicago every Christmas, and sometimes one other time during the year. We’ve brought Garrett’s caramel corn back to so many friends and family, that now everyone asks us to keep bringing it. In December, I purchase three shopping bags full of caramel corn for our friends in middle Tennessee who were begging for it!

  131. Chicago Mix… it bad when your 3 year old niece refers to the UPS man as the popcorn man.

  132. I adore Chicago Mix, and it adds a POP to my step!

  133. I love the Chicago Mix! I can take out a Medium Mix watching a movie!
    Thanks for putting a store at 87th and Cottage Grove. Even with the long lines,…. it’s sooo worth it!!

  134. Chicago Mix is my pick! Although sometimes I must admit to buying a bag of cheese and a bag of caramel and alternating between the two. Isn’t that how the Chicago Mix came to be??? Love me some Garrett’s!

  135. garrets is awesome…i love chicago mix

  136. Chicago mix is my absolute favorite!!! Wish I could have it more :)

  137. At first it was Cheesecorn, as I couldn’t fathom the possibility of adulterating that perfect rich flavor with the sweetness of caramel that is the Chicago Mix that my partner enjoys….But then, the day came that I unwittingly scooped my hand into the wrong tin…..and everything changed….with the first crunch of the cheesecorn mixed with caramel, the sky became more blue, the air more crisp, and I have never been the same….

  138. You’d make our 2012 with a yummy tin of Garrett’s , The Best of the Midwest !

  139. The tin, the tin, the tin is on fire….we don’t need no water let the Chicago Mix pop…the tin, the tin, the tin is on fire, we don’t need no water let the Chicago Mix pop!!!

  140. Chicago mix is my fav!!!!

  141. The old and greatest flavor is the good ole Carmel Corn! Love it!!

  142. Love the Chicago mix, I remember we waited in line soooo long but it is worth the wait!!!!!!

  143. Chicago Mix is the BEST!!!!

  144. I love the Chicago Mix… with a little extra caramel corn mixed into it. Not quite half and half. Sweet and salty is always the BEST. Especially if it is Garrett’s ! ! !


  146. Cicago Mix and #Marchmadness! Iam in heaven!

  147. Chicago mix is the best ever

  148. LOVE Garretts popcorn! My mother in law sent me a tin for my Birthday and it was hard to share with my husband and kids…but I managed to let them have a few pieces. Chicago Mix is my favorite. Sweet, salty, buttery and cheesy…perfection!!!! (I also enjoy the straight up caramel when it is just slightly stale and has a chewy texture…mmmmmmmm).

  149. Coming from Motown Garretts is a MUST for every Chicago visit. On the way into town…while visiting…and once again on the way out of town to take back to family ! Caramel Crisp is the one I love!

  150. Love Chicago Mix!!!!

  151. Plain old Caramel!

  152. Chicago Mix fo sho!!! =D

  153. Chicago Mix was my first, my only, and my favorite! YUM!

  154. Chicago Mix is my absolute favorite. Best popcorn ever!!!!

  155. My favorite will always be the Chicago Mix… Always the right amount of cheese and caramel to melt a girls heart!!

  156. im from Alabama and I was introduced to Garrett by my boyfriend , I now go online and order my family this awesome popcorn we love it and will keep buying it.

  157. I love the triple mix of Cheese, Carmel and plain

  158. Aint nothing like a large bag of all carmel popcorn,and once I start eating its hard to put it down… Team carmel!!!

  159. Chicago Mix all day everyday!

  160. Cheese!! Waited in line 20 minutes in January to get it! Also make sure if I’m flying thru Ohare I have enough layover time to go buy some! But can’t leave without the caramel either! ❤

  161. Garrett’s Cheesy Corn is THEEEE Best!!!!!!!

  162. I love Chicago Mix!!! Can’t wait to get some!!!

  163. Mix (Caramel/Cheese) hands down. I even got my 1 yr old hooked, my goodness!

  164. Chicago Mix is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!

  165. In my cheese head, brew city, car signal using-green bay packer loving voice-CHICAGO MIX! All this after i get off the loop, find a parking space and decide how much can i carry back to the car without dropping anything! GOTTA LOVE IT!

  166. hands down. chicago mix. deliciousness!

  167. Love the Chicago Mix!

  168. I love the Chicago Mix!!! Once I tried it I was addicted!!!

  169. I love the Chicago Mix!! Once I tried it I was addicted!!!

  170. Chicago Mix is da bomb! Wish I could get it more often here in Nebraska. Gotta rely on my Chicago peeps to bring it when they visit us in the “windier” city (Lincoln, NE).

  171. Chicago mix! I live near Boston and fly united so I can get some in the terminal on my way to visit family!

  172. Chicago mix more cheese than Carmel.

  173. Carmelcrunch!!!!!

  174. I can eat a jumbo bag of Chicago mix in one day!!! Sooooo good

  175. Chixago mix all the way!

  176. just got some chicago mix …2 jumbo bags and they gone already …we go all the way to the randolph shop for popcorn . my kids love it me and hubby love it . if i could make it down town everyday i would….love you garretts

  177. All 16 tins in my basement took the journey from Chicago to Minnesota with a Cheese Carmel duo!

  178. My favorite is….the “Free Mix”. Anything that’s free, is always the best.

  179. I love the Chicago Mix. Yum.

  180. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Chicago mix !!!

  181. I’m from Philadelphia. I would trade 100 cheese steaks for a large Chicago mix!!!

  182. My favorite flavor is Chicago Mix. My fiance loves the Macadamia Nut Caramel Crisp. Both super yummy! Every trip through Chicago always includes a trip to Garrett’s!

  183. My fav is the Chicago Mix. Every time I’m downtown I HAVE to stop at Garret’s to get a bag!!

  184. All the way from Cereal City, Battle Creek, MI…… I LOVE THE CHICAGO MIX!!!!!

  185. I love the Chicago Mix!!!!

  186. ChicagoMix is the champ!

  187. My favorite is CheeseCorn. I just bought a bag two days ago. YUMMY!

  188. My coworker visited Chicago a few days ago and brought me back a bag of Carmel Corn. I just finished it a few minutes ago! AMAZING! I am so grateful! I can’t wait to go to Chicago to sample Garrett’s many flavors. Hugs ~

  189. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and relocated to Georgia in 2007. When I lived in Wisconsin I would drive to Chicago every weekend with friends and the first place we went was to Garretts for our favorite Chicago Mix! Now that I am miles away I order Garretts as a treat to myself any chance I can get. Luckily I still have friends that live in Wisconsin that send me Garretts as well! Hands down the Chicago Mix is my favorite!

  190. Chicago Mix of course. Love my home state.

  191. Chicago Mix is the Best!!!

    Was in Chicago for a job fair last week and purchased $45 of popcorn to bring back to family and friends… making new customers for you!!!

    How about some locations in the south suburbs? Have you considered the major shopping malls? I guarantee your popcorn is addicting and will ruin everyone’s diet. Maybe you should partner locations in the fitness clubs 😉

  192. I love Garretts Popcorn and the Chicago Mix!!!

  193. I look forward to traveling to Chicago for work, just to stop by Garrett’s for numerous large bags of Chicago Mix. You know 1 for me and the rest for co-workers.

  194. Chicago is the best….:)

  195. Experienced the Chicago Mix for the first time this past weekend. Wow! Talk about fully impressed. I can already see a trip to Garrett’s Popcorn Shop on every trip to the city. Amazingly addictive stuff! =)

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