Mar 222012

Chicago Mix Cheer Off!

8 kernels, 6 kernels, 4 kernels, 2! We love popcorn, how ’bout you?

Which Garrett Popcorn flavor is your favorite? Share your answer (and popcorn spirit!) and you could be the one who cheers all the way to the bottom of the tin! To enter The Chicago Mix Cheer-Off and a chance to win a $50 Garrett Popcorn Shops® e-certificate, simply post a reply on this blog post. For a second entry, send a Tweet to @GarrettPopcorn with the hashtag #PopPep in the message.

Winners will be chosen by a random number generator on 04/03/2012 12 pm CST and announced by 04/10/2012. No purchase necessary to win. See official rules here.

This sweepstakes is sponsored solely by Garrett Brands LLC, P.O. Box 11342, Chicago, Illinois, 60611.

Put your cheesy hands in the air!

  58 Responses to “The Chicago Mix Cheer-Off Continues! Enter for your chance to win!”

  1. Chicago Mix!! WOoOoO!

    • Had Garrett Popcorn for the first time about a year ago…..better then what I’ve heard. Keep it up!

  2. I would love to win some Garrett’s!

  3. Thanks for the Garrett Popcorn Blog!


  5. I love chicago mix its the best….its cheesy sweet and cant be beat. its one of my favorite things to eat. id pay any price to induldge, even it makes me buldge.go garrets all the way eatting your popcorn makes my day :)

  6. I miss living in the city and having Chicago mix whenever I want!

  7. I love the sweet and salty taste of the Chicago mix.

  8. My favorite flavor is definitely chicago mix! I’d take 2 or 4 or six!


  10. When ever I need a “fix”, nothing else will satisfy it but Garrett’s Chicago Mix!!!!!!! It’s addictive!!!

  11. I love Garrett Popcorn!! I can’t wait for my vacation to fly out of Chicago so I can get SOME!!!!

  12. I filled a suitcase full Chicago mix Jumbo bags for my return flight to NC after a visit to my hometown of Chicago. I kept one bag to enjoy warm on the flight home. Chicago mix still is my favorite snack of all time. I love you, Garrett’s!

  13. I love garretts


  15. When was the last time you had had something so irresistible? It has got to be Garrett’s Chicago Mix!

  16. My favorite flavor is Caramel Crunch! YUMMMM!!!!

  17. Our Family loves Garrett Popcorn~it has become a tradition to order a couple of tins at Christmas!

  18. My favorite is buttery

  19. Chicago Mix. No doubt!

  20. This California transplant misses Garrett’s so much I can’t order enough online! Have my family, friends and co-workers HOOKED too!

  21. Thank you Garrett for making the my favorite GLUTEN-FREE. Chicago Mix is one of life’s simple pleasures and was my favorite gift this past Christmas! YUMMY!

  22. i have never tried this popcorn but it looks amazing!

  23. Love, love, love the Chicago Mix!


  25. Chicago mix, of course!

  26. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE Garrett’s Chicago Mix!!!!!!!!! Garrett’s is the best :)

  27. Garrett Popcorn is the best !

  28. Garrett’s! Garrett’s! rah! rah! rah!
    Garrett’s! Garrett’s! sis! boom! bah!
    Cheese and Caramel are the best!
    So Far Above
    All the Rest!
    Yaaaaaaaay Chicago Mix!

  29. my son’s name is Garrett…coincidence? 😉 Love your popcorn!

  30. Chicago Mix!

  31. Cashew CaramelCrisp for me!!

  32. CheeseCorn! Yummo!! =)

  33. Butter! Yum yum

  34. love the Chicago mix!

  35. My favorite flavor is Almond CaramelCrisp®. Thanks for the opportunity.

  36. Caramel crisp would be my pick. Hope I win cause I have never had the pleasure of tasting your popcorn, but it sure looks good! You just can’t go wrong with all the flavors you have to offer.

  37. Chicago Mix is the best. Love Garretts!

  38. The chicago mix!

  39. I also followed you on twitter and sent you a tweet!

  40. Chicago Mix Thanks for the chance

    (in my Oprah voice…..)


    (in my Leasha voice…..)


  43. My modified Army Cadence:

    Oh you Knuckle Heads,
    Knuckle, Knuckle, Knuckle Heads
    Gave up Garrett whew whew whew!
    Two more weeks and I’ll be through!

    Lent will be over in 2 weeks! Can’t wait to get my Garrett on!

  44. This is soo yummy. I love this popcorn.

  45. Chicago Mix Explosion
    As the warm Chicago Mix hit my tongue there was and EXPLOSION that took place in my mouth. As I chewed the Mix in slow motion it felt as if the world stopped for 10 seconds to savor the flavors. Then, as I came back to reality chills went thru my body. WOW!

  46. Love Garrett’s!

  47. My girls love Garrett’s. I have it shipped to us.

  48. Chicago mix rules!

  49. Chicago mix is mixing the two best flavors together. There are so many ways of eating it. Whether handpicking just the caramel popcorn or the cheese popcorn, or grasping the mix directly from the tin, Chicago mix is always the most delicious popcorn in the world! I love it!

  50. Garrett’s Popcorn is the best
    Believe me, I’ve tried all the rest!
    Chicago Mix is the Ultimate Fix
    Sure wish I could get some,
    But I live in the sticks…..
    Love, Love, Love It!!!

  51. Love Garrett’s Popcorn!

  52. Garretts, Garretts, simply the any other popcorn in a total mess,Chicago mix will cause a total explosion of satification in your mouth

  53. ♫ Chicago Mix, my pick to click! ♫

    ♫ A tasteful delight to behold, my hunger for it cannot be controlled! ♫

    ♫ A combo so stout, there can be no doubt, a fine taste throughout that just makes me shout! Garrett…Garrett…Garrett…Garrett….Garrett, Oh! ♫

  54. Love Chicago Mix!

  55. I love Buttery Cheese Popcorn which is my favorite but I Love all popcorn


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