Apr 092012

Chicago Mix Cheer Off! Congratulations to Andrea Behrens, winner of The Chicago Mix Cheer-Off! She is the lucky recipient of a $50 Garrett Popcorn e-certificate and a bonus cheer from Team Garrett:

See that popcorn, see that tin!
With Chicago Mix you’ve made a win!
Nibble to the left!
Munch to the right!
Stand up, sit down! Bite, bite, bite!

The Chicago Mix proved to be the overwhelming favorite, though all our flavors scored big in the comments. Check out what fans had to cheer about:

  • Gregory: Chicago Mix, my pick to click! A tasteful delight to behold, my hunger for it cannot be controlled! A combo so stout, there can be no doubt, a fine taste throughout that just makes me shout! Garrett…Garrett…Garrett…Garrett…Garrett, Oh!
  • Tracy: The tin, the tin, the tin is on fire….we don’t need no water let the Chicago Mix pop…the tin, the tin, the tin is on fire, we don’t need no water let the Chicago Mix pop!!!
  • Gwen: Garrett’s! Garrett’s! rah! rah! rah!\Garrett’s! Garrett’s! sis! boom! bah!\Cheese and Caramel are the best!\So Far Above\All the Rest!\Yaaaaaaaay Chicago Mix!
  • Vicki: Hey, Hey, Hey…Whatcha got to say?: “My Favorite Mix is Carmel/PecanCluster and Cheese Mix…..”Goooo ~ Garett’s” ((Shaking my Pom ~ Pom’s)) Yayyy!!!!
  • Rose Ann: Garrett’s Popcorn is the best\Believe me, I’ve tried all the rest!\Chicago Mix is the Ultimate Fix\Sure wish I could get some,\But I live in the sticks…..\Love, Love, Love It!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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