Mar 192014

Are you smiling? If you aren’t, you’re missing out because this week is Act Happy Week!

If you need a little something to put a big ol’ smile on your face, our recommendation would be a delicious Tin of Garrett Popcorn. That’s how we’re celebrating Act Happy Week. And we recommend this feel good tune from Pharrell as a bit of background music while you delight in a Tin of our tasty Chicago Mix. That definitely makes us Happy!

Let us know what you’re doing to celebrate Act Happy Week. We’re always looking for new ways to be full of cheer, so we’d love to know what makes you happy and how you’re spreading happiness to others!

If you want to join us in having some Garrett Popcorn put a smile on your face, stop by your nearest Shop or order a delightful Tin from our online Shop.

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