Sep 242014

To cap off an amazing 65th Anniversary celebration, we had a “Super” Happy Friday last week with trips to Austin Village, Oak Park and La Rabida Children’s Hospital.

Continuing our monthly tradition of surprising the people of Chicago with complimentary Garrett Mix one Friday each month, our Garrett Popcorn Team stopped in two Chicago neighborhoods and at a local children’s hospital.

At La Rabida Children’s Hospital, we were honored to be able to bring their staff the gift of Handcrafted Happiness for all of the work they do. We have developed a wonderful relationship with La Rabida, and we were delighted to keep the tradition going by bringing them a treat to celebrate our 65th Anniversary.

La Rabida Children's Hospital

Elsewhere in Chicago, other members of our Team traveled to the Austin Village and Oak Park communities of Chicago to treat the people with our Happy Food. Our first stop was Oscar DePriest Elementary School, where we were able to share Garrett Mix with both the principal and the superintendent.

After our stop at the school, we offered roamed the streets surprising people with our special treat. We were even welcomed into a local barbershop to share with everyone there. All of the people in the community were very excited to see us a eagerly welcomed the treat.

Happy Friday

If you would like to enjoy some Handcrafted Happiness yourself, stay tuned for information about our next Happy Friday event. Until then, you can always stop by one of our Shops or visit our recently revamped website to order.

Sep 222014

We celebrated a momentous 65th Anniversary last week with a trolley tour around Chicagoland, which featured complimentary treats of our Garrett Mix!

Having called The Windy City our home since 1949, it seemed fitting that we hit the streets and give back Handcrafted Happiness to all of the people who made us “A Chicago Tradition.”

From Shop to Shop and landmark to landmark, our #Garrett65th trolley served up complimentary Bags of Garrett Mix throughout Chicago for our fans to enjoy. The trolley experience was certainly one to remember, as we even had a DJ ride along playing music for the fans. Even a few members of the press were able to join the ride as the city of Chicago rejoiced in celebrating one of its iconic brands!

#Garrett65th Trolley

To see more photos from our amazing trolley ride around Chicago, please check out our album on Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest.

Also, if you missed the celebration last week and would still like to enjoy some Garrett Popcorn, please visit one of our Shops or check out our recently revamped website.

Sep 182014

Today is the 65th Anniversary of Garrett Popcorn! To celebrate, our Limited Edition 65th Anniversary Copper Tin is priced specially for the year we were founded – $19.49!

Our special $19.49 price is only valid today (September 18, 2014), so be sure to make the most of this opportunity. This offer only comes with our world-famous Garrett Mix.

You can take advantage of this special offer both in U.S. Shops and online (shipping is not included).

Join in on the fun of celebrating 65 years of Handcrafted Happiness with this special price for our Limited Edition 65th Anniversary Copper Tin!

$19.49 Anniversary Tin