Jan 182012

If you like it hot, try the piquant variation of our classic CheeseCorn™, Spicy CheeseCorn™, available for a limited time only. Choose the equally fiery Limited Edition Year of the Dragon Tin to make a really hot New Year’s gift!

Dragon’s don’t fear the spice because…

  • They’re brave. It takes guts to face the heat of Spicy CheeseCorn™.
  • They’re passionate. Only Spicy CheeseCorn™ can match a dragon’s intensity.
  • They’re unanticipated. They don’t wait for an invite. They take charge of even the spiciest flavors.

In the spirit of the New Year, embrace your inner dragon and spice it up at a Garrett Popcorn Shop® near you!

Garrett Popcorn Shops® – Hong Kong
Garrett Popcorn Shops® – Malaysia
Garrett Popcorn Shops® – Singapore

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