Dec 212011

December 22 is Winter Solstice! The sun goes down early today, but there are still reasons to cheer:

  1. The Shop at 87th & Cottage Grove is open!
  2. Starting today, more daylight means more Garrett Popcorn snacking time.
  3. CheeseCorn™ is an excellent substitution for that golden sun you miss.
  4. Cold? Stay warm with hot gourmet popcorn.
  5. Yule logs are so olden days. Yule tins are in!
  6. Who needs Vitamin D? We’ve got Vitamin D-licious!
  7. You only need to know how to count to 2 to celebrate today’s date of 12/22/12. You only need to know 2 flavors to make Chicago Mix.

CaramelCrisp® and CheeseCorn™ are the perfect way to round out your day, or night. Snack away any time of day!

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