Mar 302012

Chicago Mix Cheer Off! We’re giving away a $50 Garrett Popcorn Shops® e-certificate to one lucky fan and we want to know, which is your favorite Garrett Popcorn flavor?

To enter, simply post a reply on this blog post. For a second entry, send a Tweet to @GarrettPopcorn with the hashtag #PopPep in the message.

Winners will be chosen by a random number generator on 04/03/2012 12 pm CST and announced by 04/10/2012. No purchase necessary to win. See official rules here.

This sweepstakes is sponsored solely by Garrett Brands LLC, P.O. Box 11342, Chicago, Illinois, 60611.

Cheer your favorite flavor to victory!

  39 Responses to “Final four days to enter The Chicago Mix Cheer-Off!”

  1. So, I live in Ohio and I order Garrett’s monthly. All of my Ohio friends follow suit. I love it so much and there really is nothing like it.

  2. I Love Garrett Popcorn!!!! I hope I win!!

  3. Best popcorn EVER made!!! Wish there was a Garrett’s in ARIZONA!!! :-)

  4. I love this popcorn!!

  5. I love Garrett’s popcorn!

  6. YUMMMY!!!!!!!!

  7. Great to know there is a Garrett Popcorn blog! Thanks!

  8. I simply LOVE Garret Popcorn!!! The Chicago Mix is my fave!!! I sooo miss Chicagoland!!!

  9. Can’t stop eating Garrett Popcorn :)

  10. YUM!!!!! My mouth is watering! No Garretts for me in SOOO long, I’m in AZ :(

  11. I love the Chicago Mix. It’s a shame I live so far away. Now if you would just open a shop here in Seattle….

  12. I love the Chicago Mix! If I lived in Chicago, I would be in big trouble!

  13. My ABSOLUTE favorite pig out food. Love it. When friends come to visit I make sure that I take them there for a taste of real Chicago!

  14. Carmel corn is the best I have ever tasted in my entire life.

  15. Absolutely, hands down, THE BEST popcorn in the world. No other popcorn even comes close to Garrett Popcorn’s awesomeness!

  16. chicago mix!

  17. Would love to win! Your popcorn is the best!

  18. Caramel all the way!

  19. My lil brother loves Garrett’s Chicago Mix….hope I win! :o)

  20. I LOVE Garrett’s and winning this would be like winning the Mega Millions!!

  21. I LOVE Garrett Popcorn! My favorite flavor is the Chicago Mix. It is to die for. Seriously, the BEST popcorn I have ever had, and the ONLY popcorn I crave. YUM!

  22. The Mix is my favorite!!

  23. chicago mix by a mile

  24. Chicago Mix, of course!

  25. entering to win

  26. i hope this works

  27. Chicago mix is simply the best popcorn this side of heaven. You get the goodness of the sweet buttery carmel and the salty cheeseness of the cheese, the perfect combation of sweet and salty. Nothing can compare to the total experience the two produce together in ones mouth, OMG!!! OMG!!!! Just the thought is making my heart beat faster, Joy like none other LOL!!!!!

  28. Just plain caramel is the best in the world- extraordinary!

  29. My favorite flavor is caramel

  30. It’s the chicago mix! I eat the cheese for a few minutes and then switch to caramel the next few, satisfies both my salty and sweet tooth.

  31. The Chicago Mix is the best popcorn. :-)

  32. I love the Chicago mix!

  33. I simply love Garrett’s. I live in southern burbs and tried other popcorn shops. So sorry to tell them that I appreciate them trying, but they just dont compare to you guys. So I just take that ride and get nothing but the best. Garrett’s Rule! Cheese mixed with a little of caramel.

  34. What a great treat-Chicago Mix alllll the way!

  35. Can’t wait to get the Chicago Mix next month when I visit Chicago!!

  36. Chicago mix!!! Best popcorn ever!

  37. Chicago mix is the best popcorn ever!!!!

  38. Macadamia Twist

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